MESO Healthy

BLT Marketing & Design are contracted to assist in the concept, creation and launch of MESO Brand. The brand includes MESO Healthy – an all Organic CBD product line and MESO Farms – a Hemp grow in Hemet California

In 2018 BLT Marketing and Design was approached by past client & serial entrepreneur (We’ll call him Mr. B) with a business concept and an offer. Mr B and a childhood friend, (We’ll call him Mr. C) had a desire to break into the CBD industry. They had little (or no) knowledge of CBD products, little (or no) knowledge of the manufacturing process, they had no experience with growing hemp or extracting CBD from the plant – in fact they they had a little more than a name… MESO. 

But, Mr B had firsthand knowledge of BLT Marketing & Design and their skillset, having worked with them in the past. His offer was simple, he needed BLT to find a hemp farmer and needed BLT to take over all creative and marketing aspects for the startup. It was agreed BLT would not only be compensated by contracted salary positions at MESO, they would also receive a percentage of ownership in the MESO Brand. BLT Marketing & Design… accepted the challenge. 

It so happened, BLT had been following the meteoric rise of the CBD industry in recent years, and had a certain knowledge base that would prove invaluable. First off, they had already been actively researching the CBD industry extensively for Revolt In Style magazine. They had recently interviewed multiple cannabis growers and industry leaders. They had sampled and reviewed multiple CBD brands, products and had even visited organic hemp grows in Northern California. Second, and possibly most important, they were personally acquainted with one of the top organic hemp farmers in Northern California, and knew he was looking for the next big thing. (We’ll call him: Mr. Bigfoot)

BLT introduced Mr. B, Mr. C and Mr. Bigfoot. The three immediately hit it off and soon formed a partnership. Together, the 5 of them began to create the MESO Brand. BLT had already been working on a marketing strategy for just such a business model, and they hit the ground running.

The following bullet points outline the role of BLT Marketing & Design in the startup of the MESO Brand and MESO Healthy / True Full Spectrum / All Organic / CBD products:

• Consulted with partners initially to completely develop brand name, brand identity & marketing strategies. BLT suggested changing their earlier name to: ‘Mother Earth Sustainable Organics’

• Developed logos, editorial content & verbiage and mock ups of packaging and product imagery for business plan to attract initial investors.

• Developed business & marketing collateral materials (business cards, flyers, brochures, posters etc.)

• Set up corporate offices & furnishings, phone systems, an online presence, social media and sales team.

• Assisted in setting up warehouse & laboratory as well as inventory & shipping systems.

• Hands on in early production, oil extraction and packaging of CBD product.

• Managed event planning and marketing, produced brand activations and experience design at multiple trade shows and festivals.

• Managed staff and logistics for multiple trade shows and festivals. 

• In 2019 BLT initiated and secured ‘Title Sponsorship’ for the annual Earth Fair in Balboa Park San Diego for MESO Brand. BLT met and negotiated with Earth Fair event staff for premium onsite activation locations. Assisted in the concept, planning, design and implementation of five (5) successful onsite activations. Designed and produced all marketing and promotional materials. Coordinated and managed an extensive staff to populate 5 separate activations at the festival including (3) retail locations, 1 VIP Lounge and 1 Live performance stage. Coordinated the distribution of over 100,000 CBD product samples at the event that attracted some 70,000 people. Supervised MESO Healthy activation & hosting presence at Official After Party offsite for VIP and celebrity guests. 

• Assisted in development of permanent MESO Brand creative staff, production staff and sales staff.

• Assisted in creating final logos, business and marketing collateral materials, content creation & verbiage, labeling, packaging, inventory system & shipping.

• Instrumental in brand recognition & sales growth both regionally and nationwide as ambassadors and ‘independent contractors’ for further creative, marketing & sales support until MESO Brand’s untimely closure and ultimate demise during the Covid 19 Pandemic.