Revolt Surf Series

BLT Marketing and Design worked with Chevrolet to grow brand recognition and generate sales leads within the Southern California surfing community and beach lovers.

BLT negotiated with a number of automotive brands to hold the ‘Title Sponsor’ position at the Revolt Summer Surf Series Pier II Pier Pro Am (RSSS). Chevrolet took top spot. A campaign to spotlight the Chevrolet name and brand while simultaneously promoting the newly released Chevrolet Colorado Pickup was underway.

The following bulletpoints illustrate how BLT Marketing and Design rose to the challenge.

• Consulted with Chevrolet marketing executives to pinpoint target demographic and discuss optimal marketing technique with activations & promotional items.

• Successfully negotiated w/ City Of San Diego Parks & Recreation for special permit allowing Chevrolet vehicles on public beaches.

• Successfully negotiated w/ City Of San Diego Lifeguards for special permission allowing Chevrolet vehicles on public beaches.

• Successfully negotiated w/ surfboard manufacturers Gordon & Smith to create 6 custom ‘Chevrolet’ and ‘RSSS’ branded Surfboards to be used as raffle items throughout summer series 

• Successfully negotiated w/ PB Beach Fest executives for key positioning on boardwalk for ‘Buglight’ Chevrolet Colorado display during RSSS season finale ‘Battle At Beachfest’

• Created a dynamic promotional campaign advertising Chevrolet’s position at RSSS including advertising campaign in Revolt In Style Magazine.

• Oversized RSSS/Chevrolet posters were created and installed in windows of Surf Shops in Southern California.

• 10×30 Foot RSSS/Chevrolet vinyl banners created for front / back / sides of judges scaffolding. 

• Instrumental in positioning Chevrolet activation at each of the RSSS events. Top positioning for promotional vehicles, trailers, tents, flags, electronic devices and essential staff.

• Implemented ‘Live’ Social media campaign on FB & Insta promoting RSSS event and daily Chevrolet branded surfboard raffle.

• Custom ‘Chevrolet’ trophies created and awarded to top RSSS competitors for each event of the series. 

• Negotiated and produced 4 Official Afterparties hosted by Chevrolet at Oceanfront Bar Venues